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Frequently Asked Questions

Why take a CELTA course?

There are many people teaching English simply by virtue of being a native speaker/proficient speaker but think back to your own language learning experiences. Does just speaking a language qualify you to teach it? Would you expect a teacher teaching you a new language, someone whom you are paying, to be trained?

Most reputable language schools around the world will expect their new teachers to be trained and to demonstrate confident teaching skills. You will feel a whole lot more secure and better prepared, and your students will be receive better instruction, if you have taken a CELTA course.

The course is designed around a preparation, teaching and feedback cycle, and includes daily teaching practice, observation of experienced teachers in the classroom and completion of a range of practically focused written assignments. There are also daily input sessions dealing with current methodology, language analysis and its application in the classroom.

What is the difference between CELTA and other TESOL/TEFL courses?

At first glance the choice can be daunting. There are a myriad of acronyms (TEFL, TESL, CELTA, TESOL) and an equally confusing choice of courses available. All offer a ‘gateway’ into the EFL teaching profession but, unlike CELTA not all:

  • Have highly trained tutors approved and appointed by Cambridge University.
  • Have a minimum of 120 contact hours.
  • Have 6 hours of supervised teaching practice.
  • Have a credible and thorough syllabus laid down by Cambridge University which is strictly adhered to.
  • Are validated by an external assessor to ensure that each course has been delivered according to the University’s strict standards and that grades/results are appropriately justified

Why take a CELTA course with IH Buenos Aires?

We are the only authorised CELTA centre in Argentina, and International House is one of the largest groups of language schools, teaching English and 25 modern languages in 150 schools in 50+ countries worldwide since 1953. Indeed, IH helped to create the precursor to the CELTA certificate and set standards for Teacher Training in Language Education and continues to innovate in training teachers of all languages.

It would seem logical then to come and be trained by the experts. A CELTA certificate from International House will not only look good on your CV but:

  • Being an International House school means that our CELTA graduates have access to the IH recruitment service which advertises vacancies for teachers in IH schools worldwide.
  • Doing a course away from home means that there are fewer distractions from family and friends and course participants quickly become a close-knit group, which helps everyone complete the course successfully.
  • Courses abroad tend to have a much wider range of people; age, nationality; previous experiences and background.  This makes for very dynamic and interesting courses
  • Many jobs in the TEFL industry involve teaching monolingual groups – something you are unlikely to get at home (in Britain or the USA, for example).  The practical experience of teaching monolingual groups during the course when applying for jobs could also give you an edge in the job market..
  • For applicants intending to seek work in Argentina and the rest of Latin America, being here when the course ends means that you are ‘on the spot’ when it comes to getting a job.
  • Finally, there is Buenos Aires itself.  If you’ve never lived abroad for any length of time before then doing your CELTA here will give you a taste of what it is like. The city is an amazing place.  You may not be able to take advantage of all it has to offer during the course but once it has ended …

Who are the tutors?

Only tutors trained and approved by Cambridge University are authorised to deliver CELTA courses. Our teaching training department is made up of a small team of teachers who are permanently based in Buenos Aires and who have developed a very successful working relationship. All are highly-qualified EFL teachers, with many years of general teaching and teacher training experience.

More significantly they have all taken CELTA, or an equivalent course, and know exactly how challenging, intensive and, at times, stressful it can be. However, they also know first-hand that it is one of the most rewarding, motivating and enjoyable experiences you will ever have and their aim is to ensure that by the end of the month you would wholeheartedly agree.

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How can I find a job after the course?

The course puts an emphasis on professional development and careers as well as competence in the classroom i.e. learning how to be a teacher as well as learning how to teach. This is important to prospective employers.

  • The course includes a session about writing a CV, interviewing and finding work both within Buenos Aires and worldwide.
  • We have a bulletin board with information and job advertisements, including those from IH schools around the world (all 150 of them).
  • We provide personalised references for candidates when required
  • We continue to circulate job information and advice, as well as other teacher development initiatives to candidates after the course has ended


Where can I go if I have more questions?

Click here to see more FAQs on the Cambridge University CELTA website