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Frequently Asked Questions

Why take a Delta module with IH Buenos Aires?

We are the only authorised Delta centre in Spanish-speaking South America and International House is one of the largest networks of language schools and teacher training centres in the world, teaching English and 25 modern languages and training teachers in 150 schools in 50+ countries worldwide since 1953.  IH has set the standards worldwide for teacher training in language education and continues to innovate in training teachers of all languages.

Who are the tutors?

Only tutors trained and approved by Cambridge University are authorised to deliver Delta module courses.  Our teacher training department is made up of a highly qualified team of trainers, permanently based in Buenos Aires, with many years of general teaching and teacher training experience.

More significantly they have all taken Delta and know exactly how challenging, intensive and, at times, stressful it can be.  However, they also know first-hand that it is one of the most rewarding, motivating and enjoyable experiences you will ever have and their aim is to ensure that by the end of the course you will wholeheartedly agree.

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Why was Delta changed?

Cambridge has introduced the new modular version of Delta to:

  • create an accessible and modular form of Delta that will offer candidates flexible entry points, beginning with either module one or three
  • enable candidates to achieve Delta in stages, over a period of time that can fit with their career and other commitments
  • provide Delta candidates the opportunity to include a focus on specialist teaching e.g. teaching young learners or business English
  • encourage more flexible delivery, e.g. our blended learning options
  • allow individual modules to be taken as part of a programme of continuous professional development
  • certificate partial achievement, e.g. development as a general English teacher.

Do I have to take all three modules?

No.  Candidates may choose to enter a single module or any combination of modules.  Each module is separately certificated so this will allow candidates to receive credit for each module successfully completed.

Can the modules be taken in any order?

While candidates may choose to take the modules in any order, Modules Two and Three assume the candidate will have the knowledge and competences gained in the previous module(s) so for most candidates the most practical order will be from Module One through to Module Three.

Can I take all three modules at the same time?

Yes, when they are being run concurrently, although we don’t recommend it.  Doing modules one and three together followed by module two on its own the following term is doable and reflects the structure of the ten-month extended courses run for the previous version of Delta.

Do I have to complete all three modules within a specific time?

No.  Candidates will be able to complete modules as many times as they wish and there will be no time limit for completion of all three modules.

Can I retake modules?

Yes.  There is no limit to the number of times a candidate may take a module.  Although you will need to pay the Cambridge exam fee each time you enter a module.

Does Modular Delta have the same recognised status?

Yes and it will also offer greater transparency and flexibility as each module will be worth 20 credits, allowing candidates, universities and other users to more easily see how Delta fits in relation to other qualifications within higher education in the United Kingdom.