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Short Courses For Teachers

We offer a selection of short courses for teachers. These courses:

  • vary in length from one month to three months
  • are usually held on Saturday mornings 9.00 am-12.00 pm
  • or alternatively twice a week between 19.30-21.00 pm
  • require a minimum of number of candidates

IH Language Awareness Course (IHLAC)

The course aims to familiarise course participants with language commonly found in course books and other published materials (‘pedagogical grammar’) and develop their own language analysis skills.  The following areas are covered:

  • Describing Language (introduction)
  • Auxiliaries & Operators
  • Introducing Modality
  • Future Forms
  • Forms with Be I (progressive aspect)
  • Conditionals
  • Tense
  • Question Tags
  • Reported Speech
  • Forms with Have
  • Forms with Be II (passive voice)

IH Exam Preparation Course

This course is ideal for teachers who are responsible for preparing students for external exams offered by Cambridge ESOL, such as FCE, CAE & CPE and other examining bodies.  It looks at ways of using exam practice material in a more natural and creative fashion which leads to real language learning and minimizes the testing element.  As well looking at the language and skills needed and being tested in each respective paper, it shows teachers how to make the material and lessons enjoyable.

It covers the five core areas of each exam:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Use of English (grammar & vocabulary)
  • Listening
  • Speaking

IH Writing Course for Teachers

An ability to write appropriately and effectively is something which evades many of us, even in our mother tongues, and it is seems to be particularly problematic for English language students.  Why? One reason is that writing is not a skill that is readily picked up by exposure; it normally requires some form of instruction.  The aim of the IH Writing Course for Teachers is to teach teachers how to teach writing. 

The course includes the following areas:

  • A Writer´s Skills – Communicative, Organisational and Stylistic
  • Cohesion & Coherence
  • Creative Writing and Punctuation
  • A Writing Lesson – Process & Product
  • Formal Written English
  • Correction and Feedback

IH Pronunciation Course for Teachers

The aim of the course is to introduce teachers to approaches, techniques and materials for teaching pronunciation which can then be used in their own classrooms.  Each session focuses on the practical rather than the theoretical and the following areas are included:

  • Sounds in Isolation - The Phonemic Chart
  • Sounds in Contact - Features of Connected Speech
  • Word Stress
  • Sentence Stress
  • Intonation
  • Spelling

Dates & Fees:

Courses run on demand.