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DELTA MODULES - Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults



The best-known and most popular advanced TEFL/TESOL qualifications in the world, the Cambridge English Delta Modules are a flexible way for experienced English language teachers to progress further in their careers.

Delta Modules can be taken at any stage in a teacher’s career. They are suitable for people already teaching English in a variety of contexts, e.g. adult, primary or secondary teaching, and are intended for an international audience of non-first language or first-language teachers of English.

The Delta Modules are internationally recognised qualifications designed for teachers who wish to build on their experience of teaching English to speakers of other languages. They aim to increase understanding of the principles and practice of English language teaching and thereby help improve overall performance in the classroom, as well as preparing candidates for more senior teaching or educational management roles. The courses are validated and the syllabus and assessment criteria set by Cambridge English.

There are three Delta Modules which are separately assessed and certified:

  • Module One focuses on the background to teaching and learning English in a range of contexts and is assessed through a written examination.
  • Module Two focuses on planning and teaching lessons and selecting and using resources and materials and is assessed through a portfolio of coursework and an externally assessed classroom observation.
  • Module Three focuses on designing courses to meet learners’ needs in specific contexts and is assessed through an extended written assignment.

Candidates are awarded a Diploma from Cambridge English for each module successfully achieved. Achievement of a Pass in all three modules confers the status of a full Delta qualification.

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Combined Delta Modules Full Time Intensive Course

The full-time combined Delta course covers Module 2 of the Delta in its entirety, including the external assessment, as well as preparing candidates for the Module 1 exam (which can be taken at any centre in June and December of each year) and the Module 3 individual research project.

Course Schedule

July and August 2017 course 
Monday 3rd July to Friday 25th August 2017 
Input sessions 10:00 - 13:00
Teaching practice and feedback 14:00 – 17:00

January and February 2018 course 
Monday 8th January to Friday 2nd March 2018
Input sessions 14:00 - 17:15
Teaching practice and feedback 18:00 – 21:00

July and August 2018 course 
Monday 2nd July to Friday 24th August 2018  
Input sessions 10:00 - 13:00
Teaching practice and feedback 14:00 – 17:00

Course Fees

USD2750 plus Cambridge Delta 2 registration fee USD395

There is a 10% discount for candidates who have already passed Delta Module One and a 5% discount for candidates who have passed DELTA Module Three. To qualify for the discount you need to send scanned copies of your certificates together with your application form.

Early-bird discount

There is a 10% EBD on the course fee only for candidates who pay the whole course in full more than 10 weeks before the course start date.

Discounts are not cumulative.

Click here for Delta Module One course programme & assessment details

Click here for Delta Module Two course programme & assessment details

Click here for Delta Module Three course programme & assessment details


How to apply for Delta Modules at IH Buenos Aires

Firstly, to be considered you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Applicants should be aged 20 or over.
  • Applicants must have an awareness of language and a competence in English, both written and spoken, that enables them to undertake the course and prepare for teaching a range of levels. This would ideally be at Cambridge CPE (Proficiency) level (CEF C1/C2).
  • Applicants must have a standard of education which would allow entrance to higher education in their country.
  • Applicants will normally hold an initial ELT qualification.
  • Applicants should have a minimum of two year’s full-time teaching experience at a range of levels in a range of contexts, including both adults and children.

Secondly, you need to complete the application form and the application task and email, post or fax them to us. If your initial application is successful then you will be invited for interview. In some cases we may request additional information before your application can be considered further. Overseas applicants will be interviewed by Skype.

Successful candidates will receive a formal acceptance email, together with details for payment. We can only reserve places on courses for applicants who have made an initial deposit. Full payment must be made four weeks before the course starts.

Click here to download the Combined DELTA Modules application form and task

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Delta Module 1 Preparation Course


This course provides all of the methodological input and exam technique necessary to fully prepare yourself to take the Delta Module One exam. Please be aware that while other centres offer exam practice courses, which focus solely on exam technique, our courses also include coverage of the complete methodology syllabus tested in the exam.

Course schedule

The DELTA 1 Preparation course takes place on two Saturdays a month, from 09:30 – 12:30, from August to November. The mock exam is held on the first Saturday of November, and the DELTA Module 1 exam itself on Wednesday 2nd December in the morning.

During each session candidates and tutors meet for three hours to study one of the course areas:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading skills
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills and spoken discourse
  • Writing skills and written discourse
  • Phonology
  • Approaches and methodologies
  • Language acquisition
  • Resources and materials
  • Testing and assessment

These ten sessions are followed by a full mock exam and comprehensive written feedback from our Cambridge Delta Tutors, ahead of the exam itself which is held on the first Wednesday of June and December each year.

The input sessions are also supplemented by an online course wiki which provides extensive further methodology and exam technique support and practice through interactive forums, for all of our Delta Module One candidates, whether face2face or online.

The DELTA Module 1 examination

For a look at the structure and contents of each of the two papers of the DELTA Module 1 exam, click here

Click here for Delta Module One course programme & assessment details

Click here to download the DELTA Module One application form and task

Exam enrolment

As an approved Delta Modules exam centre, IH Buenos Aires hosts the Delta Module One exam each June and December. We do not recommend taking the exam without doing a preparation course first. However, if you decide against taking a preparation course, or have already done one at another centre, you are welcome to join us at IH Buenos Aires to take your exam.

The enrolment deadline for the exam is six weeks before exam day, which is always the first Wednesday in June and December. We must receive your enrolment fee before this date in order to be able to enrol you for the exam.

Course Fees

Delta Module 1 preparation course: USD850

Delta Module 1 exam registration fee: USD325

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DELTA Module 3 Online Tutorial Support Packages

The Cambridge Delta Module Three is aimed at developing teachers’ awareness of the main types of syllabus and the methods for conducting needs analysis within different English language teaching specialisms. Candidates are introduced to research skills and the theory and techniques behind assignment planning and syllabus design. Candidates also look at assessment and its impact on syllabus content and teaching methodology. Delta Module Three is assessed via an extended written assignment.

International House Buenos Aires offers full preparation for writing your Delta Module Three assignment through our individual online tutorial support packages. Working through email and Skype, course candidates and tutors meet online for each tutorial to discuss comprehensive written feedback provided for Delta Module Three drafts and give advice about future planning of assignments at various stages of the writing process.

Tutorials are arranged according to the number needed and the times available to both tutors and candidates. Tutorials can be bought in packs from one to five tutorials, although five tutorials are recommended to ensure you keep on track throughout the assignment. The first tutorial takes place at the beginning of the writing process and focuses on the key issues behind your choice of specialism and helps you plan your needs analysis and diagnostic test. The second tutorial provides feedback on stage one of the writing process and helps you to plan stage two. The third tutorial provides feedback on stage two and helps you to plan stage three. The fourth tutorial looks back at stage three and ahead towards stage four. The final tutorial takes place once you have completed a first draft of the entire assignment, in order to provide you with comprehensive feedback and advice on what further work is necessary, ahead of submitting the assignment to Cambridge by the deadline.

Course Timetable

Tutorials may be requested at any time, but the important dates are:

June session
Friday 29th April 2016 – DELTA 3 enrolment deadline
Friday 3rd June 2016 – DELTA 3 submission deadline

December session
Friday 4th November 2016 – DELTA 3 enrolment deadline
Friday 9th December 2016 – DELTA 3 submission deadline

Tutorial Package Fees

  • DELTA Module 3 Five tutorials USD395
  • DELTA Module 3 Four tutorials USD320
  • DELTA Module 3 Three tutorials USD245
  • DELTA Module 3 Two tutorials USD170
  • DELTA Module 3 One tutorial USD95

Delta Module 3 registration fee: USD245

Click here for Delta Module Three course programme & assessment details

Click here to download the DELTA Module Three application form and task

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